The Five Questions - Question 2 / by Merlin Huff

This is the second in our series on The Five Questions. See our blog for question number one, and stay tuned for the introduction of the coming three questions!

It's time for the next question in our The Five Questions series! Question 2 is WHERE am I? This includes when (as in time period or time of day) and who I am with (family, enemies, alone, etc). This question is about giving yourself a truly grounded knowledge in your environment. To go back to our Breaking Bad reference, it's important for the actors to remember that they are in New Mexico. Why? Because this tells them what the weather would feel like, what they would wear, how they'd walk or move -- Just think how different it would have been if it had taken place in Alaska!

This question is also about what you make it, so get specific!! Are you in a closet, in your neighborโ€™s house, at midnight, on a rainy Fall evening? Or are you in your smoky car, alone, listening to Kanye, driving to In and Out? Details make or break the functionality of this question. Break it down for each scene for your character. This way, when you walk on stage, or into that audition, you are carrying a full, vibrant, and specified environment with you. It will be what sets you apart. 

You'd be amazed how many actors, especially in auditions, have the environment of being in an audition room with a casting director instead of being where their character is!! REMEMBER: Your job is to live truthfully through imaginary circumstances. So build up that imagined environment until you can look around any room you're in and see the details you've found by answering: ๐ŸŒŸWhere am I?๐ŸŒŸ